Being Near Family is Very Important to Me

When my daughter told me she had met someone online and that he lives oversease, I briefly found myself hoping that it would turn out to just be a fling. Then, I found myself hoping that if they did make it to the point of marriage, that he would come to our country to live. They did get married, and my daughter decided to go there. It made me sad at first because I felt that it would be a rarity to see her. But that has changed now, and I’m the one who’s looking at Turkey real estate and will be moving there, too! Life throws some funny surprises at you sometimes, and this has turned out much better than I thought it would.

My husband and I had our daughter when we were pretty young. We have always been close to her. So, it was devastating at first to hear that she was going to be moving half way around the world from us. Our daughter has always been very headstrong, and she fell in live with the man she has now married very quickly. We are so happy that he is a nice guy. He is college educated, runs a business, and he adores our daughter and treats her well. What changed is that my husband left me last year, and now I feel free to move. My daugther then suggested that I move to live closer to her and her husband.

After putting some thought into moving, I realized that I can do anything now that I am retired. And the thought of living close by and being able to see my future grandchildren anytime I wanted to really helped seal the deal for me. My daughter and her hubby are helping me to find a place near them to purchase. I will then pack up all of my things and move there.