I Finally Moved to Henderson

I wanted to look at apartments for rent in Henderson so I could get a feel for the costs there. I had been living about 20 miles outside Henderson and just traveling there for work, but that commute was getting to be bothersome. There was nothing holding me back to my other apartment, so I decided to just finally look to see if I could afford to move closer to where I work and where the majority of my friends live. I had been to one friend’s apartment at The Edge, and I really liked it a lot, mainly because of everything that is included with the rent.

There is a resort type pool, a fitness center, a clubhouse and separate lounge, a heated pool, and so much more. My old apartment did have a pool, but it was small and usually inhabited by a bunch of small children and their parents. The few times I was at The Edge to visit my friend, I was impressed with how big the pools are and how even with several people there that there was still a lot of privacy and room for everyone.

I honestly was not sure I would be able to afford living here, but I wanted it to be the first place that I looked. The rent was just a little more than what I was paying before, but I would be saving even more than that on gas and car maintenance since I would not be driving it nearly as much. I decided to take the plunge on an apartment, and it has made my life so much easier. I am really happy living here, and I am even thinking about getting a cat since I am finally living somewhere where I am allowed to have pets. I should have done this a long time ago!